Esthetician's Choice (105 min)

Not sure what you want? Let the expert decide what’s best for your skin with a skin analysis and a customized facial. Modalities and peels will be added according to skin needs.


Signature (90 min)

Rosé is anti-aging, improves fine lines & wrinkles, and uneven texture.

Lemon Drop reduces hyperpigmentation, discoloration, sun spots, age spots, sun damage, and freckles.

Matcha nourishes dry skin, creates brighter complexion, and improves dullness.

Blue Moon treats acne, reduces sebum and blemishes, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Diamonds are Forever restores damaged skin, improves sagging skin, and improves uneven skin tone.


Microdermabrasion (60 min)

This treatment gives you brighter skin, diminshes fine line & wrinkles, fades scars, shrink pores, and improves skin texture.


Age Reversal (90 min)

This treatment reverses the signs of aging. Increases collagen, elastin, brightens, tones, hydrates, diminishes wrinkles, fades scars, and rejuvenates the skin.


Nano-needling Face & Neck (100 min)

This treatment reduces wrinkles, shrinks pore size, decreases acne scars, evens out skin tone, and improves skin texture. Followed with LED therapy to repair damaged skin, and stimulate collagen & elastin.



Á la carte

LED Therapy (15 min)

This therapy applies specific wavelengths that exposes your skin to light energy to obtain therapeutic benefits for a variety of skin conditions.

High Frequency (10 min)

Argon (violet) HF is used for acneic skin. It produces a germicidal and drying effect treat acne. It also helps to heal & revitalize the skin. Neon (orange) HF is for aging skin as it has toning effects. It stimulates blood vessels, improving skin color & encouraging cell turnover.

Oxygen Infusion (10 min)

This treatment delivers oxygen directly onto the skin to hydrate, firm, lift, tighten, diminish enlarged pores, and smooth out fine lines & wrinkles. Infusion of oxygen encourages cell and collagen regeneration and also rejuvenates the skin.

Hot and Cold Hammer (10 min)

Hot Hammer stimulates blood circulation, which helps penetrate products into the skin, and helps eliminate toxins.

Cold Hammer restores skin vitality and vigor, smooth's wrinkles, tightens pores, promotes elasticity, and decreases swelling & redness.

Lymphatic Massage (20 min)

Removes waste and toxins using a gua sha stone.


























Lash Lift & Tint (60 min)

Boost, lift, and thicken each of your individual natural lashes.


Body Sculpt Per Area (40 min)

Arms, stomach, back, or thighs

Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that reduces fat cells in targeted parts of the body.